j e w e l l e r y
s t y l e  i n  g l a s s
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d i l e m m a: noun: a problem that seems incapable of a solution

Welcome to a world of creative answers.....

d i l e m m a  is a design-led range of collectable statement jewellery combining fused glass with quality components and semi precious stones, all hand made in England. It is produced in high quality limited edition colour collections

the philosophy: everything about dilemma celebrates combining individual style with functional solutions...these aspects drive the collection
the maker: the range is created by Emma, a Style Consultant based in the North of England who trained in Fashion Design and Marketing
rigorous design: attention to detail is paramount...materials are scrutinised for quality and function and where possible designs have scope to be worn in a variety of different ways 

In the quest to find unusual accessories for clients, Emma discovered that glass as a material provided endless colour and design possibilities. She has worked with other glass makers both designing and selling before creating and producing her own unique and collectable pieces  

d i l e m m a  is an evolving range filling the gap between costume / precious jewellery for the discerning dresser who celebrates english individuality


d : dichroic design i : innovation  l : limited editions  emma : emma = dilemma 

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